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The wide splendid range of unique designs and different colors of Handmade Papers from Jaipur 'All Under One roof’. Totally acid free and handmade, these papers can be put to multiple usages. We specialize in making paper of silk, petals, fibers and cotton rags. Use of different fibers viz. banana, bast, sun hemp, jute, flower petals, leaves, grass, silk threads etc. provides unique designs and elegant appearance.





Mottling Paper

Metallic paper

Leaf Screen Paper


The story of rich combinations and everlasting impact, the handmade mottled paper is a unique example of recycling available material.

The unique and exquisite paper features hand-woven strips of metallic gold, silver and copper.

Handmade Leaf Impressions Paper are the perfect example of how different elements of the nature are used to create something special.





Glitter Paper

Flower Printed Paper Dew Drop Paper  

The Glittered effect and the elegant touch makes the handmade paper a delight to touch and experience to own.

A beautiful collection of handmade petal papers forms the most sophisticated and elegant range of handmade papers.

Dew Drop print paper is an exotic handmade paper with raised metallic dots of gold or silver foil like shapes that give a beautiful effect of dewdrops on a flower.






Banana Paper  

Handmade banana paper is for those who appreciate the concept of using a natural paper material in an original and organic way.



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